5 Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews For 2022 And Beyond

So you have heard about tankless water heaters, and you are thinking about getting one because it will save you money. But, before you decide, there are still some things you need to know. Well, you have come to the right place, as we have everything you need to know about purchasing the right tankless water heater for your home.

Tankless water heaters first came on the scene in Europe and Japan, and as they became more and more popular, they made their way to North America. They have been around for over a decade now, and they have become better as they have become more popular. One of the reasons they have become popular in the United States is the green movement to use products and environmentally friendly appliances.

Tankless water heaters cost more for initial installation. Still, they do cut your utility bill drastically and also last longer than your traditional water heater and so will save you money in more than one way. You will save money every month and save money over the years when you don’t need to replace it as you would with a traditional water heater.

The Best Tankless Water Heaters



Tankless water heaters stand out because of their efficiency, both in terms of cost and design. They are cost-effective because they use on-demand technology, which allows the machine to only work while a hot water valve is turned on. Once you turn off the valve, the water heater shuts off by itself. This puts the machine at rest for approximately 90% of the time. Estimated savings show that one could cut their utility bill in half every month by switching to tankless water. There is also a federal credit of $300, which consumers can receive for switching.


Tankless water heaters are small, with most being around the size of a medicine cabinet. As such, they do not take up too much space and can fit in a closet, under your sink, in a crawl space, in an attic, or any other small area in your home where you have some space. Even in a home with limited space or in a small apartment, one can easily find space for one of these small tankless water heaters.


Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand almost instantaneously and provide an unending water supply. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to run to the shower to ensure the hot water doesn’t finish on them. Over the years, the design of these machines has been upgraded to ensure they have fewer problems than their predecessors. There is no issue with short bursts of cold water. Since there is no tank, there is no risk of rupture, so your water heater will continue to be reliable for more than 20 years.


All tankless water heaters are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. With everyone trying to cut down on emissions, the manufacturers of tankless water heaters have mastered this craft. Thanks to the on-demand technology, tankless water heaters use minimal energy, which is a crucial step in helping the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are minimal in gas models, and electric models give off no emissions whatsoever. There are even manufacturers that produce only environmentally-friendly models.

 In a harry, and don’t have time to go through the entire article, here are the top 3 tankless water heaters in the market today.




  • Gas, Electric, or Propane. When deciding which type of heater you need, you have to think about your area’s climate. You need a heater that will be powerful enough to heat the water if you live in a cold climate, and for such a climate, natural gas or a propane heater will work well. If you live in a warmer climate, you can quickly get an electric tankless water heater that will provide you with all the hot water you need all year round. Electric models lose a lot of GPM when there is the need to raise the water temperature too high. If you are not into a propane or gas unit, you will have to look at the British Thermal Unit (BTU) of the model you are interested in. A higher BTU means the machine can heat the water to higher degrees. If you choose propane, you will need a space with proper ventilation and readily available.
  • Size. The size you decide to go with depends on how much you have to heat your water. You can find out what the average water temperature in your area is. You can also check your water temperature yourself. You will need to ensure you have a size that will heat your water enough to avoid losing GPM – gallons per minute.
  • GPM. We mentioned GPM in the two last points, but what exactly do gallons per minute mean? This measurement tells you how much water your unit can heat. You need to know this to ensure that you never lose hot water when its demand is excellent. You can find information online about the GPM of different activities and appliances that use hot water. Total this up and determine how much GPM you need your ideal tankless water to yield.
  • Brand. If all the technical stuff wasn’t hard enough, they need to filter by a brand is now needed. You may have some brand loyalty, as many consumers these days do. There are several brands out there to choose from. For example, you will find names that manufacture many of the other appliances in your home. You may also find brands that only manufacture heaters and even those that only offer tankless water heaters. Once you choose the right fuel, the right size, and the right GPM for your needs, the brand all comes down to what you prefer.

Reviews Of The Top Tankless Water Heaters

Eccotemp L5

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The Ecotemp L5 is a tankless water heater and a portable unit with an outdoor shower. This makes it perfect for camping, cabins, and trailers. This portable unit runs off of 2 D cell batteries and allows you to have hot water no matter how far off the grid you go. The L5 allows you to raise the water temperature to 35 degrees and provides a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute.

Features of the Eccotemp L5

This portable unit is great for your camping and outdoor adventures. Whether you do it on a functioning campsite or out in the deep forest, it can provide you with warm water, so you have at least that comfort of home out in the wild.

  • Battery Operated. This unit is designed for the outdoors, and so they made it operate on 2 “D” cell batteries. This is great since it allows you to use this water heater wherever you go without too many requirements for setup. So you can go without electricity, and you don’t have to lug around propane with this unit. This also makes it handy for emergencies when the power is out for long periods.
  • Compact. The Eccotemp L5 features a very compact design which helps to lessen the load when you are out in the wild. You can bring this unit with you and have some comfort so your camping or outdoor experience will be more enjoyable.
  • Easy Set-Up & Operation. Your purchase includes all the necessary adapters and fittings, making setting up this water heater quite easy. The heater will operate by connecting it to a standard garden hose nozzle and a propane tank. As soon as the water flows, the burners turn on, and they turn off as soon as the water flow stops.

Advantages of the Eccotemp L5

  • Portable. Not only is this a tankless water heater but also an outdoor shower. The unit’s portability allows it to be an excellent buy for those adventure lovers who don’t want the adventure of showering with cold water from the lake or campsite. This water heater fixes all of that with the ability to go everywhere you go off the beaten track.
  • Accessories. The Eccotemp L5 water heater has everything you need to start it up. Included in the box are all the necessary accessories. You will find the heater body, a gas regulator, a vent shield, hardware, shower nozzle and hose set, garden hose adapter, hardware, and the instruction manual.
  • Custom Settings. The L5 heater provides you with several options for your shower. You can choose from multiple spray settings to find the correct water pressure for your needs. The water temperature will increase almost immediately and will constantly flow once the faucet is on at a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. The water heater will shut off after 20 minutes of continuous labor, which gives you peace of mind just in case someone leaves a pipe running.
  • Battery Operated. The unit is battery-operated, which allows you to power it up without electricity. This is advantageous for outdoor situations and emergencies when there is no power.

Things to be aware of

Some customers noted that the unit is sensitive to wind, so that’s something you should keep in mind.

Bottom Line

The Eccotemp L5 portable tankless water heater is the ideal choice for outdoor use whenever necessary and is our choice as one of the very best on the market today.

Rheem RTE 13

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The Rheem RTE 13 electric tankless water heater is very compact in design, but it does not lose any efficacy due to its size. The water heater can fit almost anywhere and so is suitable for homes, apartments, offices, boats, condos, labs, and anywhere you need hot water. The water heater provides energy-efficient hot water on demand whenever you turn your faucet on with its modulating technology to ensure you only use the energy you need to power as many faucets that are on at a time.

Features of the Rheem RTE 13

Don’t allow its small size to fool you like. The compact Rheem RTE 13 pack has several features that make it a contender to some of the larger models of tankless waters available on the market today.

  • Temperature Control on Unit. This feature allows you to set the temperature without pulling the unit and hiring a professional. This way, you can customize the temperature output of the unit based on the average temperatures of water in your area.
  • Modulating Power. This provides you with a continuous flow of on-demand hot water while saving you on those electric charges. This technology ensures that the unit only runs when a faucet is open and only uses as much energy as it needs to provide hot water to that faucet. So if one faucet is open, it uses less energy than if you have two running. It only ups its energy use as you use more hot water.
  • No Ventilation Needed. So you can install this unit anywhere you have a small space, even under a sink, in an inside closet, or a little corner out of everyone’s way.

Advantages of the Rheem RTE 13

  • Efficiency. Thanks to the energy star rating and modulating heat exchanger, the energy efficiency of the Rheem RTE 13 is very high. The heat exchanger ensures no standby heat loss, which helps conserve energy. The unit also doesn’t require venting, which eliminates the emissions of greenhouse gases which add to its efficiency while helping you save the environment.
  • Easy-to-Install. No need for a professional electrician to install this for you if you have a handyman in the household. The unit can be easily installed without removing the cover. When it comes to water connections, you need some ½-inch compression fittings, and no T&P valve is required, and your unit is as good as installed.
  • Space-Saver. It is lightweight and small and can be installed anywhere you have just a little space. This makes it ideal for point-of-use applications such as single shower applications in apartments or restroom uses in small offices and labs.
  • Easy to Use. There is no need to open the unit with temperature controls to adjust the temperature. There are also LED indicators to show when the unit is active or in standby mode.

Things to be aware of

Some customers have noted that the unit does not seem to offer a flow rate of 4 GPM as advertised, so that’s something you may want to do a bit more research into.

Bottom Line

The Rheem RTE 13 boasts a compact design with a larger unit’s features. The unit will provide you with much-needed hot water while saving you money on your energy bill and is one of the best tankless water heaters you can buy today.

Eccotemp L10

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The Eccotemp L10 is a portable tankless water heater for outdoor. Though portable, it is intended for a more permanent installation outdoors. It is designed to be more rugged than your average outdoor heater but must be taken down and stored away if it won’t be in use for an extended period. So this would be the water heater you install in your summer cottage, your camper, your horse washing stalls, lake homes, etc. This propane model provides 2.5 gallons per minute of hot water. It is ideal for all your outdoor shower needs.

Features of the Eccotemp L10

The Eccotemp L10 is for outdoor use only and is a powerhouse when lacking a punch with hot water. With an automatic 20 minute shutoff, you don’t have to worry too much about overrunning the unit and possibly causing a fire.

  • Liquid Propane Only. The unit comes with a CSA regulator, which will work on your standard 20 lb. propane tank. There is no need for electricity as this unit features a battery igniter. Instead, the unit uses 2 “D” cell batteries to power the igniter.
  • Accessories. Included with the unit include the CSA regulator for the propane tank. A stainless steel rain cap is included, a garden hose adapter, and a 3.5-foot hose.
  • Safety Shutoff & Manual Temperature. The L10 features a 20-minute automatic safety shutoff timer and manual temperature controls. It should provide a flow rate of 2.6 gallons per minute and has a rated voltage of 3V and a rated heat input of 20kw. The heater weighs in at 27 lbs.

Advantages of the Eccotemp L10

  • Easy Set Up. Setting up the Eccotemp L10 portable outdoor heater is a cinch. It comes with the necessary fittings and accessories so that you can set it up right out of the box. All you need are a couple of tools, the contents of the box, and your propane tank, and you are set. With standard 1/2″ NPT fittings included, you can easily plumb it into your standard fixtures.
  • Permanent Outdoor Installation. The unit can be installed outside, and though it is labeled as portable, it is designed for permanent installation outside. It is ideal for campers, RV’s, lake homes, summer cottages, cabin, and washing stalls, among other outdoor uses.
  • Quick Activation. The L10 activates quickly and will provide scalding hot water on low flow. Temperature can be controlled with the manual temperature controls if water is heated too high. The system itself has a high range of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things to be aware of

When not in use, the heater should be drained and stored away, so you will have to dismount the unit and store it away when you leave your holiday residence. A few customers pointed out that there is also better heating on low flow.

Bottom Line

The Eccotemp L10 tankless water heater is an outdoor recreational model built slightly sturdier than your average portable tankless water heater. It has several features that ensure that you get hot water when you need it and good flow properties.

EcoSmart ECO 11

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The EcoSmart ECO 11 tankless water heater is an electric model suitable for an entire home. It works best in areas with an incoming water temperature above 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The model has a flow rate of two gallons per minute and can service one shower head and a sink faucet simultaneously. The unit can be used as a point-of-use heater for one faucet on low flow for colder climates.

Features of the EcoSmart ECO 11

TheEcoSmart ECO11 features innovative technology and provides hot water up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with energy savings. It can be used as a whole-home model in warmer climates and a point-of-use model in colder climates.

  • Energy Efficient. This helps to ensure that you save on your energy bills by allowing the unit to operate most efficiently while heating the water to optimal temperatures. There is no standby time; the unit comes on only when a pipe is on and goes off right away once it is turned off.
  • Use in Warm & Cold Climates. In warmer climates, the EcoSmart ECO 11 electric tankless water will work for more than one flow in a home. For colder temperatures, the unit can be used as a point of use for a sink with a low flow or for any other application that requires a low flow.
  • Consistent Hot Water. The EcoSmart ECO 11 unit heats water to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and is most suitable for areas with incoming water temperatures above 67 degrees. At these temperatures, the unit will provide hot water to more pipes than at colder temperatures but still provide consistent hot water at lower temperatures.

Advantages of the EcoSmart ECO 11

  • Useful in All Climates. The EcoSmart ECO 11 water heater provides hot water in whatever climate you live in. It will provide more heat in warmer climates and serve more pipes, but it still provides excellent heat in colder climates when used for point-of-use applications.
  • Electric. The unit uses electricity, so there is no need to connect to any propane tanks. This is ideal if you don’t have a lot of space. This will also help minimize installation costs if your home already has all you need to mount the unit and connect the pipes.
  • Smart Technology. With an electric unit, the first thing you may think about is the impact on your electricity bill. With Smart technology, this unit has the advantage of helping you to save on your electric bill. Intelligent technology ensures that the unit only uses electricity when it is in use – when a pipe is running.

Things to be aware of

You may need to keep your flow low to get warm water in colder climates, especially if you have more than one pipe running.

Bottom Line

The EcoSmart is a suitable choice for your home whether you live in a warmer climate or colder. Reviews online of the product are extensively positive, indicating that it is indeed a good product.

EcoSmart ECO 27

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The EcoSmart ECO 27 electric tankless water heater provides water heating efficiency. Cut your electric bills down by replacing your traditional water heater with a tankless water heater. With advanced technology, these water heaters provide you with a never-ending stream of hot water with no worry about the hot water running out if you run an entire household. The ECO 27 provides adequate water heating without taking up too much space in your home, so all you need is an empty wall inside a closet, attic, under a sink, or in a crawl space.

Features of the EcoSmart ECO 27

The ECO 27 tankless water heater provides you with many features that make it worth buying. You get your money’s worth when it comes to the longevity and usability of the ECO 27.

  • Self-Modulating Technology. This allows the unit to use less energy to heat the water, saving you money on your monthly electric bill. For example, the ECO 27 can cut your electric bill by as much as 30% if you switch from your traditional water heater.
  • Heats 3 GPM. This makes it ideal for the more Northern United States with water temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can run two showers and up to four sinks simultaneously while not compromising the flow rate or the heat of your water. It can even provide a continuous supply of hot water to your Jacuzzi tub or your roman style tub.
  • Digital Temperature Control. Allowing you to set your temperature how you like, it can adjust in increments of 1 degree for the most customized output.
  • Size & Power. This is the largest and most powerful model with self-modulating technology from Ecosmart’s line of tank-less water heaters, so it is ideal for a large single-family home.

Advantages of the EcoSmart ECO 27

  • Powerful. The Eco 27 is perfect for the Northern States of the United States and Canada, with colder temperatures as low as 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit can heat water quickly and efficiently thanks to the self-modulating technology. This technology allows it to provide enough hot water for a large single-family while not increasing your energy bill but, on the contrary, decreasing it.
  • Safe. The heater has internal jumpers that limit the heat output to a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, so your water heater will never heat your water beyond that if not changed. This is great if you have the elderly and young children at home.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain. Once your unit is professionally installed, you get a warranty, and cleaning and maintenance can be done quickly and easily. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver, and you are good to perform any routine cleaning that needs to be done.

Things to be aware of

Some customers have reported humming when the unit is used, but the manufacturer reports that some humming is normal.

Bottom Line

The EcoSmart ECO 27 is an ideal electric tankless water heater if you live in colder climates. It is powerful enough to heat water for your entire family and to provide an endless supply of hot water when you need it. It features state-of-the-art technology for energy conservation and is safe and easy to clean and maintain.

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