From old tank water heaters to tankless water heaters, we are experiencing the new technologies’ perks and availing them to the fullest. Today, we will discuss one such new technology, which has stood out as being one of the most energy-efficient and flexible water heaters of the time, the Camplux 5L Outdoor Water Heater.

Camplux 5L Outdoor Review

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Camplux 5L Outdoor tankless water heaters are a revelation in tanker technologies, as it has a unique property of portability. Yes, you can carry this water heater to various places, use it wherever you want, and operate with minimum energy requirements. This is typically suited for families or sets of people who travel a lot and tend to find themselves in situations where the availability of hot water is lower. The other important feature this includes is the usage of 2 D Cell batteries for ignition, and they can efficiently work without electricity at any point in time. So much is to talk about this fantastic heater; let us discuss more in detail below.

Camplux 5L Outdoor Water Heater

Features of the Camplux 5L Outdoor Water Heater

  • Portability: This feature has redefined the standards of tankless water heaters. Portability is such an important thing, which will allow you to experience hot water at your will, regardless of wherever you are, and the place has a sufficient supply of water. You can use this water heater to wash your car outdoors, set it just beside your swimming pool, and use them in the garden to wash your pets and whatnot!
  • Gas Certification: The CSA-approved propane gas supply is required to run the heating process, and there is a provision of 5 feet propane gas pipe.
  • Water Flow: 1.32 gallons of water flow per minute is the capacity of this heater. Now one might feel why the supply is lower, but yes, this will tend to heat for a longer time.
  • Low-Pressure Startup: This is yet another uniqueness of the product of having to operate with minimal pressure. All it takes is just 2.0 PSI of water pressure to start up the water supply flow.

Advantages of the Camplux 5L

  • Compatibility: The portability is something we learned earlier, but the size of this tankless water heater is sure to fit your family carriage while you are on a travel journey. It weighs less, and the size is compact to fit inside your car itself.
  • Operation Efficiency: Operational efficiency is essential for portable water heaters. The minimum pressure to operate water pressure, as we discussed, is 2.0 PSI, but for the heating purpose, we might as well require the heat supply after turning on the propane chamber. The pressure to operate the propane chamber is 0.4 PSI, and the power output is 34,000 BTU/hour. One more aspect is the working in 12-volt water supply pumps, which redefines the system’s adjustability.
  • Electricity Power Independent: For experiencing outdoor hot water supply, you need to operate via twin D Cell batteries. These batteries will ensure lower power costs and will work for quite a long time.
  • Useful Utilities In a Single Pack: The Camplux 5L tankless water heater comes to the market with numerous utilities, including a garden hose tank and all the required energy adapters. However, the addition of a  propane tank is to be bought independently.
  • No Wall Venting: Venting is required independently in various households. This requires minimal vending costs, and the portability factor is responsible for the purpose.

Things to be aware of

  • Slow Water Supply: In comparison to various water heaters, the rate of water supply per minute is relatively low. In the case of other tankless water heaters, the supply of hot water ranges from 2.5 gallons per minute to nearly 10 gallons; in this case, it is just shy of 1.2 gallons per minute. Although it will not be a reason for worrying for individuals, when the user is on multiple sides, the supply line will be thinner.
  • Altitude Problem: If you plan to shower outside the house, the altitude factor comes into play dearly. The heating will take a toll on reaching higher altitudes.
  • Portability Leakage: Leakage issue is a thing to worry about in all gas water heaters, and while traveling through challenging terrains, you should vary about the gas supply tanks. Safety measures ensuring for keeping safe from various external impacts must be undertaken.


Installation of Camplux 5L tankless water heater is an easy process; here is how you do it:

  • Mount the apparatus in the wall or suspend it freely in a flame-free area
  • Attach the propane gas pipe to the ignition chamber
  • Connect the water hose in both inlet and outlet chambers
  • Connect the 2 D cell batteries and start the apparatus
  • Enjoy the constant supply of hot water

Bottom Line

The Camplux 5L has set up a benchmark on flexibility among the long list of water heaters. People love the factor of it being a portable heater, and the standard it works on minimum power is one more remarkable thing. This is one of those things which will work remarkably well on water supply lines where the flow is as less as 2.0 PSI. This beautiful water heater is not the most expensive of all, and indeed, it even has a lower maintenance scheme compared to various tankless heaters.

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