The Eccotemp FVI-12-NG is a tankless water heater designed for medium and small homes. It is also suitable for cottages and vacation cabins. It can provide water in the kitchen while at the same time supplying hot water to someone taking a shower. This does not mean that it is inefficient but designed for lower usage in households.

It considers different factors, such as the incoming and the desired water temperatures, powered by natural gas and a horizontal stainless steel vent kit for easy installation.

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG

Features of the Eccotemp FVI-12-NG

  • Top-level craftsmanship and the use of advanced technology provide a state-of-the-art tankless water heater. It has been constructed with high-quality, strong, durable, and lightweight construction materials. The efficient technology has enabled it to produce instant hot water. The system also comes with digital thermometers that are easy to control and give users the ability to manipulate it easily. It also features self-diagnostic hardware that enables you to understand everything about your tankless water heater.
  • The Eccotemp FVI-12-NG is protected by a complete and lifetime warranty. However, it has to be installed by a professional for you to be assured of a full warranty. However, it has to remain on the original installation site to get the lifetime warranty.
  • A continuous supply of hot water when this tankless water heater is installed in your home, you do not have to worry about hot water. Instead, you will be in a position to get hot water throughout. This is because of the efficient heating elements available in the system. The elements are more efficient than the traditional methods of heating water.
  • Compatibility and flexibility are offered since the system can be effortlessly mounted to a vertical space or a wall in a safe area in your home. It is also adaptable to any existing plumbing setups or systems. Thus, installing the system will not require a plumber to come and set it up.

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG

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Advantages of the Eccotemp FVI-12-NG

  • Space-Saving Design. The system can be mounted anywhere since it is so tiny. A lot less physical space is needed to be dedicated to the water heater. Compared to the traditional water heater with a storage tank, the system takes less physical space when mounted on the wall.
  • Energy Saving. Initially, the system is expensive to install depending on what you need to get done to your home in electric wiring, plumbing, etc. However, it is energy-saving because water is heated only when needed. There is no hot water storage; energy is used only when your faucet is on so that the system is not always running.
  • Reduced Risk of Water Damage. The system does not store any water. That means there is no risk of water damage from a tank rupture or failure. However, improper piping may result in water damage.
  • Unlimited Water Supply. While water is heated while passing through the system, there is an unlimited hot water supply. The flow rate of water determines the amount of hot water generated.

Things to be aware of

Having an igniter powered by natural gas is a downside for some customers who have purchased and used this tankless water heater in their homes, according to some of the reviews on Amazon.

Bottom Line

The Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater controls the heated water temperature. Thus, dangerous temperature levels are no longer a problem, and you get all the hot water you need at a reduced cost.

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