The EcoSmart ECO 11 tankless water heater is an electric model suitable for an entire home. It works best in areas with an incoming water temperature above 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The model has a flow rate of two gallons per minute and can service one shower head and a sink faucet simultaneously. The unit can be used as a point-of-use heater for one faucet on low flow for colder climates.

This model is well suited for heating up to 2-Gallon per minute, which is the equivalent of one shower head (with a 1.5 GPM flow) and one sink with a low inlet water temperature of 67 Degree F. Digital Temperature Control allows you to set your temperature in increments of 1 Degree. This model can also be used in colder climates as a Point of Use for a sink or other low flow application.

Ecosmart ECO 11

Features of the Ecosmart ECO 11

EcoSmart ECO 11


The EcoSmart ECO11 features innovative technology and provides hot water up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with energy savings. It can be used as a whole-home model in warmer climates and a point-of-use model in colder climates.​

  • Energy Efficient. This helps to ensure that you save on your energy bills by allowing the unit to operate most efficiently while heating the water to optimal temperatures. There is no standby time; the unit comes on only when a pipe is on and goes off right away once it is turned off.
  • Use in Warm & Cold Climates. In warmer climates, the EcoSmart ECO 11 electric tankless water will work for more than one flow in a home. For colder temperatures, the unit can be used as a point of use for a sink with a low flow or for any other application that requires a low flow.
  • Consistent Hot Water. The EcoSmart ECO 11 unit heats water to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and is most suitable for areas with incoming water temperatures above 67 degrees. At these temperatures, the unit will provide hot water to more pipes than at colder temperatures but still provide consistent hot water at lower temperatures.

Advantages of the EcoSmart ECO 11

  • Useful in All Climates. The EcoSmart ECO 11 water heater provides hot water in whatever climate you live in. It will provide more heat in warmer climates and will serve more pipes, but it still provides excellent heat in colder climates when used for point-of-use applications.
  • Electric. The unit uses electricity, so there is no need to connect to any propane tanks. This is ideal if you don’t have a lot of space. This will also help minimize installation costs if your home already has all you need to mount the unit and connect the pipes.
  • Smart Technology. With an electric unit, the first thing you may think about is the impact on your electricity bill. With Smart technology, this unit has the advantage of helping you to save on your electric bill. Intelligent technology ensures that the unit only uses electricity when it is in use – when a pipe is running.

Things to be aware of

You may need to keep your flow low to get warm water in colder climates, especially if you have more than one pipe running.

Bottom Line

The EcoSmart ECO 11 is a suitable choice for use in your home, whether you live in a warmer climate or colder ones as well. Reviews of the product are extensively positive online, which indicates that it is indeed a great product.