The EcoSmart ECO 18 is one of the tankless water heaters that provide the best user experience. It heats over 2.5 gallons per minute with a flow equivalent to one shower head. In warmer climates such as South Florida, New Mexico, southern California, and Arizona, two showers can run simultaneously. This only happens when the water temperature is above 70 degrees F.

It consumes the energy needed when it is appropriately sized. For installation, it will require a minimum of 150 amp electrical panel. ¾” NPT is the plumbing connection required during installation.

Ecosmart ECO 18

Features of the Ecosmart ECO 18

Ecosmart ECO 18`

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  • Compactness. This is one of the features that make Ecosmart outstanding. Its compact size makes it portable. As a result, it saves storage space. During installation, it does not cause any hindrance and, on the contrary, can help you save up to 12 cubic feet if you get rid of your traditional water heater. Thus, it is easy to install since it is a compact model.
  • User-friendly. For instance, temperature regulation is quickly done by using a temperature control dial. Hence, you know your water won’t go beyond a specific temperature, so you can increase the temperature if needs be. Depending on how hot you want your water, the system can run two showers simultaneously on low to average flow. Incoming water should be above 70 degrees F.
  • Superior Technology. Ecosmart provides its users with high-tech features. The high-tech features enable it to modulate and adjust water temperatures as per the requirements. Thus, you do not have to adjust the temperature manually. Instead, it is configured according to the climate conditions. Additionally, the system has a built-in temperature with a digital display that allows you to view your temperature settings.
  • Energy Efficient. The technology used in this tankless water model makes sure that energy consumption is brought down to a considerable extent. Using this Ecosmart tankless heater can cause a 60 % decrease in heating water on your energy bills.

Advantages of the EcoSmart ECO 18

  • Less Energy Consumption. The ECO 18 tankless heater works on the ‘on-demand’ principle. That means water is only heated when it is needed. As a result, there are lower energy bills. Unlike the conventional heaters, there is no stand-by loss. You will save up to 60 percent of your electricity bills.
  • Easy Installation. The tankless heater allows you to install the utility to be closer to the water source. It also saves space as it does not require ample storage space. Thus, you are in a position to get hot water faster than the regular tank heater.
  • Portability. This model is portable due to its compact size. However, it does not require ample storage if you want to transport it to a new location. However, you are also able to verify the size that you need for your requirements. It can also fit where the traditional tank is not able to fit.

Things to be aware of

One thing to be mindful of: the literature points to the water heater having a 1.5 to 2.5 GPM flow rate, but most users note that in actuality, it is closer to the lower end of the range than to the top of the range.

Bottom Line

The EcoSmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater can stay at the same temperature that you have set. You can install the unit yourself if you know plumbing and electric installation.

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