The Rheem RTE 13 electric tankless water heater is very compact in design, but it does not lose any efficacy due to its size. The water heater can fit almost anywhere and is suitable for homes, apartments, offices, boats, condos, labs, and anywhere you require hot water. The water heater provides energy-efficient hot water on demand whenever you turn your faucet on with its modulating technology to ensure you only use the energy you need to power as many faucets that are on at a time.

Rheem RTE 13

Features of the Rheem RTE 13

Don’t allow its small size to fool you; the compact Rheem RTE 13 packs several features that make it a contender to some of the larger models of tankless waters available on the market today.

  • Temperature Control on Unit. This feature allows you to set the temperature without pulling the unit and hiring a professional to do so. This way, you can customize the temperature output of the unit based on the average temperatures of water in your area.
  • Modulating Power. This provides you with a continuous flow of on-demand hot water while saving you on those electric charges. This technology ensures that the unit only runs when a faucet is open and only uses as much energy as it needs to provide hot water to that faucet. So if one faucet is open, it uses less energy than if you have two running. It only ups its energy use as you use more hot water.
  • No Ventilation Needed. So you can install this unit anywhere you have a small space, even under a sink, in an inside closet, or a little corner out of everyone’s way.

Rheem RTE 13


Advantages of the Rheem RTE 13

  • Efficiency. Thanks to the energy star rating and modulating heat exchanger, the energy efficiency of the Rheem RTE 13 is very high. The heat exchanger ensures that there is no standby heat loss, which helps conserve energy. The unit also doesn’t require venting, which eliminates the emissions of greenhouse gases which add to its efficiency while helping you save the environment.
  • Easy-to-Install. No need for a professional electrician to install this for you if you have a handyman in the household. The unit can be easily installed without removing the cover. When it comes to water connections, you need some ½-inch compression fittings; no T&P valve is required, and your unit is as good as installed.
  • Space-Saver. This tankless water heater is lightweight and small and can be installed anywhere you have just a little space. This makes it ideal for point-of-use applications such as single shower applications in apartments or restroom uses in small offices and labs.
  • Easy to Use. There is no need to open the unit with temperature controls on the unit to adjust the temperature. There are also LED indicators to show when the unit is active or in standby mode.

Things to be aware of

Some customers have noted that the unit does not seem to offer a flow rate of 4 GPM as advertised, so that’s something you may want to do a bit more research into.

Bottom Line

The Rheem RTE 13 boasts a compact design with a larger unit’s features. The unit will provide you with much-needed hot water while saving you money on your energy bill and is one of the best tankless water heaters you can buy today.